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Drunk!EnglandxReader Don't Leave Me Alone
NOTE: This was in my stash for a long ass time so I thought I should just release it. DOES NOT MEAN I SHALL CONTINUE WRITING ANY STORIES SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK
You were in your quiet little house looking out of the window, heavy rain bouncing onto your living room window. You only saw a few cars driving by, their headlights blazing through the storm. You smiled as you touched the glass with your forehead, taking in the coolness. You actually enjoyed the rain. It always gave you a chill that you liked. You exhaled onto the glass causing it to fog up a bit. You took your finger and drew a skull on the window. Suddenly, your house phone rang. You stood up and went for the phone.
"Hello?" You heard cheering and yelling through the earpiece.
"WASSUP (NAME)!!! IT'S THE AMAZING HERO!!!!!" You cringed at the volume that Alfred was yelling.
"Tone it down, Alfred. Why are you calling me?" You heard Alfred chuckle nervously.
"Well, I'm at the bar with a friend and I kinda....need help?" You
:iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 362 33
One Piece OC: Triple Trouble Trio (revamp) by Roronoa-D-Riku
Mature content
One Piece OC: Triple Trouble Trio (revamp) :iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 9 5
Genderbend of my Guy friends by Roronoa-D-Riku Genderbend of my Guy friends :iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 2 1 So much cutenesss..... by Roronoa-D-Riku So much cutenesss..... :iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 285 37
(APH) Never Seen, Never Heard INTRO
A/N: So this is a tribute to Vietnam and Sealand on their upcoming birthday. I wanted to write a story that shows how unpopular Vietnam is in the Hetalia fandom. I do understand there are other characters that are unpopular like Vietnam, but I think she is one of the most unpopular girls. Some might say Monaco is less popular, but if you think about it, many fans mistaken Vietnam for China. I also want to go further into Sealand's story. He is a very popular character in the fandom, but technically, he isn't popular in Hetalia itself. Since, technically, he is not a country, he isn't noticeable to the countries. It's actually a bit sad in the middle of the story. There will be no pairings.
Vietnam woke up early morning at the sound of a crash in her house. She jolted up and grabbed for her paddle automatically. Slowly, she began going down the steps and sneaked into her living room. There, she saw a figure laying behind her couch. She slowly walked up to the figure and slamme
:iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 10 6
Gender Bend of My friends and me by Roronoa-D-Riku Gender Bend of My friends and me :iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 8 11 Fake Screenshot: ZoroxLea by Roronoa-D-Riku Fake Screenshot: ZoroxLea :iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 18 2
Getting a Boyfriend: England pt.2
The Real Side of Me pt. 2
It was the day after testing and results were going to be out. Arthur stood outside, expecting nothing unusual. He slowly made his way to the list, knowing he would be at the top. He saw the usual bunch of students crowding around, but there was an air of uncertainty. He ignored it and made his way to the front. He heard people whisper his name. Arthur shrugged it off. When he reached to the front of the crowd, he looked up with a smirk. He looked for his name and suddenly, he froze. His name was not at the top of the list. It was someone else and it read: (First name) (Last name).
'How can this be?! Impossible.' Arthur heard some shouting.
"What the hell are you doing, Gilbert? Where are you taking me?"
"Kesesese~, just look where your name is (F/n)." You appeared next to Arthur as Gilbert pushed you through. You saw Arthur and smiled.
"Sup, Kirkland. What's up?" You then looked up at the list.
"Oh, I got first. So Gilbert, what did you want to show me?" Ever
:iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 361 95
Getting a Boyfriend: England pt. 1
Author's Note: SInce Stash Writer is being a bitch, I had to split England's part into two parts. The link for part 2 is in the descriptions.
The Real side of Me
Arthur Kirkland was a gentlemanly idol in the eyes of the school population. Everyone adored him. He was a bit cynical and snarky, but he was still loved. The men praised Arthur. The girls fawn over him. He was in the student counsel and was a number one choice for valedictorian. He came from a rich family. He had a mansion, servants, and money. He had it all and everything was under his control. Until you came , that is.
Arthur received a notice from his teacher that he was to introduce a new student to the school. Of course he accepted. Arthur was walking down the hall towards the principal's office. He didn't know much about you. He only knew that you were a girl from (random country or state). Arthur walked into the office and greeted the secretary. She blushed at the sight of the handsome teen.
"Hello, Arthur
:iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 299 28
Ask RikuD Ouestion 3 by Roronoa-D-Riku Ask RikuD Ouestion 3 :iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 2 6 No comment.... by Roronoa-D-Riku No comment.... :iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 4 6 Ask RikuD Ouestion: 2 by Roronoa-D-Riku Ask RikuD Ouestion: 2 :iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 3 1 Ask RikuD Question 1 by Roronoa-D-Riku Ask RikuD Question 1 :iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 3 7 Meme/comic thing and updates...kinda by Roronoa-D-Riku Meme/comic thing and updates...kinda :iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 4 8
Getting a Boyfriend: Scotland
The Junkyard
Allistor, high school bad boy. No one messed with him and no one wanted to. He was a ginger Scottish teen who was well built and would smoke all day. Still, it didn't stop him from being attractive to the ladies. Everyone admitted, he was nice to the eyes. He didn't like school and stopped going, unlike his smart scholar of a brother, Arthur Kirkland. It wasn't as if Allistor was jealous of Arthur. He just didn't want to be pulled down with his brother. He wanted nothing to do with Arthur and it was final. Allistor was actually very smart but he didn't want to show it. He didn't care what everyone expected him to be. He just wanted to be him.
It was another school day and Allistor was laying on the hood of his truck in the middle of a junkyard. He liked how no one would come to the junkyard and bother him. His brother knew, but Arthur never cared. Allistor enjoyed how quiet it was in the junkyard and the only sounds were coming from the stereo of his blue tru
:iconroronoa-d-riku:Roronoa-D-Riku 577 120
HetaliaxTomboy!Reader Getting a Boyfriend
"So, (F/n), I just received a promotion at work." You and your parents were eating on the dinner table. You weren't paying attention to what your father was saying. He always had a promotion because of his hard work so it didn't matter to you.
"Right, I know it sounds usual, but the thing is that we have to move for my job." You spitted out your food in surprise.
"WHAT!!!! You're kidding me?! Come on, dad! I just got used to this school!" You were a junior and it took you two years to get a couple of "friends". You couldn't make friends easily. You were too tough, rough, loud, wild, and unusual. You were a tomboy. You didn't like most of the things that girls like. You loved sports. You watch action, thriller, and gore. You hated dresses since you didn't like how they look on you. You wore t-shirts, shorts, and jerseys. Your hair was cut short like a guy and you wore no makeup. Your dad didn't mind, but your mom was very sexist about how you looked. You couldn't count how many times yo
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    So I'm sure some of you know that I used to have a fanfiction about Vietnam traveling around the world with various countries. When I ended this account, I stopped writing the fanfiction

HOWEVER! I recently gave away the story to a fanfiction writer, bettygoyou, on

They are continuing the story at a relatively nice schedule, so please support them and me by checking the story and reviewing it.

VATW was a project that I thought I would continue but over the years, my writing style changed and whenever I try going back to the story, I lost my passion for it. When this story was picked up, I was impressed by bettygoyou's interpretation of the story. Please take the time to read it cause I am myself and I'm enjoying it

Link to the story:…

I hope you all take it into consideration.



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